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Elixir De La Lune

Our Menu Carries Life Force, Nourishment, And Consciousness. Our Space Holds The Vibration Of Love, Harmony, And Beauty

Elixir De La Lune

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Elixir was birthed through the desire to provide the community of San Diego with healing and intentionally made foods, to spread the awareness that healing the human body and soul begins within. We are multifaceted beings who require experiences that impact the wellness of the body, emotions, and the soul.

Elixir opened its doors after months of menu development between our talented team of female herbalists, nutrition specialists, and owner Kristy Hambrick. Our menu is intentionally designed to provide healthy and vibrant meals full of ingredients that have been consciously curated and sourced to create the most magical, tasteful, and balanced flavors that provide true nourishment to our cells and DNA.

In our kitchen, we have chosen to use traditional stovetop cooking, refusing to use any equipment with heatwave technology, in order to hold the integrity of our food and the quality of nutrition and life force available to us through the food we offer. Our meals are prepared from scratch with love, consciousness, and intentionality to offer you food that is truly alive and activated.

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Elixir De La Lune

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5544 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA


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