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Honey Elixir Bar

Honey is a place of magic, where community comes to connect, where the invitation is to unplug from the norm and embrace something novel.

Honey Elixir Bar

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We offer an invitation away from familiar forms of indulgence, encouraging rejuvenation over depletion. Our menu is a carefully crafted collection of unique and obscure beverages that are intended to elevate and enhance the human experience. Our space is equally curated, where the aesthetic of our funky lux lounge interplays with the senses and sets the stage for intimate and meaningful social connections.


Intentionally crafted non-alcoholic elixirs, meant to elicit a thought, feeling or idea.

We conceptualize our non-alcoholic beverages as their own unique recipes. We do not base them off of traditional cocktails, and we do not use N/A spirits. Hence we stay away from the term 'mocktails'.

Instead we use organic herbs, botanicals, and super foods to tantalize your taste-buds and even shift your consciousness.

Our potions are true works of art, with vibrant colors, decadent smells and flavors, and playful glassware.

To add even more magic, each potion features different crystal and flower essences. These ingredients are not for flavor, rather the essences add energetic or vibrational qualities to the beverage. We try to match each potion's intention with supportive crystals and flowers. Our flower essences are formulated just for Honey Elixir Bar by Claréia Das Aguas, products pictured below.

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Honey Elixir Bar

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2636 Walnut St #104, Denver, CO 80205, USA


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