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A bar & restaurant highlighting locally-sourced plant-forward plates, exquisite cocktails & natural wines


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Like the natural, untamed wildflower, Marigold de la Rosa was a free spirit. Raised in the Lower Highlands in the 19th century, she cultivated the land to celebrate the culinary traditions of her mother, a horticulturist from Dahlia, Mexico, and her father, a beekeeper from Castellucio, Italy. Named after the "herb of the sun," she became an explorer, traversing the terrain to discover the Western landscape's flavors and planting wildflowers wherever she went.

Our menu celebrates nature's beauty & seasonality through the lens of predominately Italian cuisine. We partner with amazing local farmers and producers throughout Colorado and serve coffee, mead, and natural wine that shares a personal connection to the land.

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3638 Navajo St, Denver, Colorado, USA


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