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About Us

Our Mission

When it comes to alcohol, we prefer alternative options. One hurdle we consistently face, however, is finding places that offer them. After being met with cliché responses like “we have soda, coffee, water or tea” or "we don’t have anything like that here”, we decided to start The A-List. Helping everyone find their next alcohol-free drink.


As former drinkers ourselves, our lifestyles haven't changed drastically since switching to alcohol free options. Our friend group hasn’t changed, nor have our weekends, nights out or passion for life. The only change we have noticed is our experience ordering drinks. Some menus are great, but our mission is to make ordering alcohol-free drinks as easy and straightforward as any other drink order.


Backed with our personal experiences, knowledge,  passion and extensive research, we are set out to change this experience for every drinker.

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