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Friends Drinking Beer
Golden Hours

Celebrate another day well done with your favorite (non alcoholic) drink.

Golden Hours bring the community together through new friends, old friends and the partners hosting. Find drinks you love, restaurants you never knew existed and bars you'll be coming back to.


Thu, Oct 5

Golden Hour feat. Easy Honey

Lost Lake Lounge


Thu, Sep 14

Golden Hour

Il Posto


Thu, Aug 17

Golden Hour

Lady Jane

Drink Sampler
News & Updates

"I'd Like To See The A-List, Please"

Mar 23, 2023

Remove the unknown parts from your night and ask for The A-List. Partners of The A-List are dedicated to crafting your next, and best,...


Crafting your next (alcohol free) drink

Apr 22, 2021

Our mission: To share and grow a vibrant community around doing what we love. Living life. Socializing. Grabbing drinks. Happy hour-ing....

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